20 July 2017
The best proof that there is no such thing as a "Master plan" in Nature is human evolution. When man rose to his feet and with a disproportionately large head significantly increased his center of gravity, the likelihood of falls and hip fractures increased by few tens of times. The evolution thus physically handicapped humans. Even on the intellectual side man did not perform as brilliantly as he likes to think. They don't say in vain that ten Doctors of Science can not answer the question of one chimpanzee. Who is then more stupid? The one who asks a silly question or the one who can not answer it? Was Socrates, who knew only that he knew nothing, smarter than those who think they know everything? These are the fundamental issues that accompany me recently, when everyday human speech often seems a mere sound pollution to me. Like the noise of motorized leaf-blowers. If you want to answer the fundamental questions, you have to rise from the foundations, you have to separate, go, remove, annihilate. Only from a distance you shall find all the answers. That is why I had to leave my country this summer again, to keep my mind in a reasonably healthy condition. Just a small change was needed: the cycling journey to the Wild East, to Romania and Bulgaria.

Your ultralight touring cyclist strikes again (note the crocks up left).
But, firstly, it was necessary to overcome the evolution. Unstable posture on two legs was out of the question! While walking people contact the ground mostly in only one point. How dangerous! One should crawl on all four, or, better still, as insects stand firmly on six legs. Have you ever heard that the fly broke its hip? Certainly not, because even when moving it is always on three contact points. And from geometry we know that three points uniquely define the plane in the space. So if there were a mathematical "master plan" in nature, it would be more suitable for insects then for humans. No wonder they are the most propulsive form of life on the planet! Waiting for the evolution to provide me two extra limbs wasn't an option either. This would take at least 500 millions years, and I was in a hurry, I only had a few months to spare. Fortunately, there is also a bicycle. It is in contact with the ground always in two points. It's not exactly the most stable, but already Einstein said that "life is like cycling - if you want to keep the balance, you have to move". It is not clear what he meant by "life", but I suspect he used it similarly as in the Latin proverb "navigare necesse, non vivere" or „it is necessary to navigate, not to live." Both statements can be summarized in a new saying: "It is necessary to cycle, not to live". And since living is not necessary (as follows from the proverb), it can be deleted and it remains only: "Cycle". As a fanatical minimalist I will shrink it to a single letter: "C" - or „K“ in some  languages. If I add the term for "I", I get my motto: "IK". But these are also my initials, and - QED – it follows that a "master plan" nevertheless exists, and surprisingly, it fits me perfectly. According to this plan, I went on a bicycle tour to Romania and Bulgaria.

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